Selma e Salaverde, Bartolomeo: Solos & Duos ed. Joëlle Morton

Bartolomeo de Selma e Salaverde, Solos & Duos

from Canzoni, Fantasie et Correnti da suonar
ad una, 2. 3. 4 con basso continuo (1638)

Volume 1 (Introduction & Solo Pieces) £13.00 (PDF Download)
Volume 2 (Duos) £11.00 (PDF Download)
Complete edition £21.00

Edited and Introduced by Joëlle Morton

Edited and introduced by Joëlle Morton, this publication presents the solo and duo pieces from Bartolomeo de Selma e Salaverde's 1638 collection of instrumental music. Along with Selma's extensive output of canzoni and fantasie, the collection includes his diminution settings of Palestrina's madrigal Vestiva i colli (for bass solo, and for bass and soprano duo) and Lasso's chanson Susanne un jour for bass solo. Also included are scores and performing parts for all three of these settings which allow for ensemble performance of the works in question.

Volume 1 (Solo Pieces) contains 4 canzoni for soprano solo, 4 fantasie for basso solo (including one for fagotto) and bass solo diminutions on Vestiva i colli and Susanne un jour.

Volume 2 (Duos) contains 6 canzoni for bass and soprano, 2 canzoni for bass and violin, 2 canzoni for 2 sopranos, 2 canzoni for 2 tenors, 8 dance movements for bass and soprano, and bass and soprano diminutions on Vestiva i colli.

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