Weston Park Cello Music, ed. Martin Perkins

Weston Park Cello Music 

Edited with Keyboard Realisations by Martin Perkins 

£25.00 + p&p

Includes printed full score and solo cello part, plus PDF downloads of basso continuo cello and second cello parts, and PDF download of updated introduction (rev. Dec 2020)

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Situated on the Shropshire-Staffordshire border, Weston Park is the ancestral home to the Earls of Bradford. Sir Henry Bridgeman, 5th Baronet (1725–1800) was created Baron Bradford in 1794 and his second son, Orlando Bridgeman became the first Earl of Bradford in 1815. Sir Henry was a keen amateur musician, playing the violin and probably the flute. He became a member of the Noblemen and Gentlemen’s Catch Club in 1766, and subscribed to the opera at the King’s Theatre, Haymarket, from the mid 1760s, and the Concerts of Ancient Music during the 1790s. Henry’s enthusiasm for music was passed on to his children: his two daughters, Charlotte and Elizabeth, played the harpsichord and harp, and his oldest son Henry Simpson Bridgeman (1757–1782), was a keen cellist. Evidence of family music-making at Weston Park can be seen from the surviving account books, diaries, household inventories and music catalogues now held at the Staffordshire Record Office, as well as the surviving music collection that remains at the house in the care of the Weston Park Foundation. This collection, comprising around 230 printed works and 70 manuscript items, reveals the particular interests of various family members dating back to the time of Sir Henry’s grandfather in the late seventeenth century. The surviving manuscript cello music belonging to Henry Simpson Bridgeman is complemented by the presence of printed cello music by Bononcini, Bréval, Giacobbe and James Cervetto, Chiabrano, Giovanni Battista Cirri, De Fesch, Lanzetti and Pasqualino. 

This edition presents all the pieces for one and two cellos from Bridgeman's manuscript collection, many unique to these sources, along with fully realised basso continuo accompaniments. You will received printed copies of the full score and solo cello parts, along with a link to download the optional basso continuo cello part and a second copy of the duos. 
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